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November 3, 2011
From Bea McKinney, nee Belitha Buzard

SouthCentralTexas.net launched in the Spring of 2008 and has been a rewarding adventure. In just these few years, technology advances make it clear to me that a 'new dawn' is here! Mobile devices are the wave of the future. Therefore I am moving my content to Facebook to allow me to update it on the fly.

While SouthCentralTexas.net sets a new course, we invite you to use the SEARCH/POST feature as well as "South Central Texas Network" on Facebook. I'll be including current events and photos on the Facebook pages instead of the SouthCentralTexas.net main page.

Although I will no longer be regularly updating this main web page of SouthCentralTexas.net, the existing pages of Counties, Spots, People, Groups, and Events should remain relevant for some time, and who knows, maybe I'll update them once in a while. All the web pages of SouthCentralTexas.net, including an archive of monthly home pages can be searched using the Google search in the box above. You can find a particular date by searching for April 2010 for example, or a topic of, say, preservation, or both. The final home page was for October 2011.

Posts are not searchable with Google as they are not stored as web pages. They are searchable from the SEARCH/POST screen. In fact I will still be adding new Posts and I invite you to do the same.

I look forward to keeping in touch in new and exciting ways. See you on Facebook c):)


November 3, 2011
Copyright 2009 Bea McKinney